After many years of Sue rising at the crack of dawn, ready to shine at South Molton Market and a number of other events based in North Devon. Rise and Shine Living was formed and then moved to its first home on East Street, South Molton, Devon. This allowed Rise and Shine Living to spread its wings and bring you a larger range of beautiful products.

After 18 Months of officially being on the map, it was decided that it was time for Rise and Shine Living to fly a little further up the country to York. Where Sue’s Daughter, Jessica and Jessica’s boyfriend, Sebastian would open Rise and Shine Living’s Second Shop. 

Jessica and Sebastian met at University in Leeds and it was decided at Jessica graduation that maybe York was to be the next home for Rise and Shine Living. York is a city that both Jessica and Sebastian love and also is the City that Sebastian has been lucky enough to always call home.

This is the story that led to Rise and Shive Living opening its second shop on Fossgate, York in November 2018. With the shop being located just a few minutes from York’s Famous Minster.