Joseph Joseph BarWise™ Bottle Opener 2-piece Gift Set

Joseph Joseph BarWise™ Bottle Opener 2-piece Gift Set


BarWise™ is a stylish range of innovative bar tools that revolutionises the way you open bottles. The intuitive design of each product makes opening capped or corked bottles far easier than with conventional openers.

BarWise Corkscrew

The easy-to-use design of our BarWise Corkscrew makes removing corks from bottles a doddle.

Simply push the corkscrew down onto the neck of the bottle, grip the sides and wind the handle clockwise to drive the screw into the cork. Continue winding and the cork is removed effortlessly, without the need to lever or pull it out like a conventional corkscrew. It also features integrated twin foil cutters.

BarWise Magnetic Bottle Opener

The handy Magnetic Bottle Opener features a unique 360° stainless-steel opening edge that means you can prise off bottle caps from any angle. Once off, the magnetic head can hold up to 4 bottle caps at a time.