Kitty Jane Happy Flowers Framed Print

Kitty Jane Happy Flowers Framed Print


Intricate bohemian doodle, perfectly showcased in a handmade Indian zinc frame with poem on reverse side. 

This is a high-quality inkjet print, of the original painting, printed on Lokta, a Nepali handmade paper which gives the design a naturally faded/muted and vintage effect. The frame measures 8 x 10 inches and is strung with a recycled sari tie. 

The glass front and back means the frame can be turned either way; the mantra on the reverse of this print is a something I used to love to do as a little girls...'Let Us Dance in the Sunshine with Wild Flowers in Our Hair'.

Always protect your prints from bright light, sunlight, heat and humidity. Even the strongest, most high quality inks can fade when exposed to these environmental conditions for prolonged periods. 

Word of Wisdom: Because the ties are made from recycled saris, you'll struggle to get two pieces alike, this is just one of the reasons why I love these beautiful frames so much. Because of this each print has a different tie and will not be the exact copy of the one shown in this photo.

Copyright: Kitty Jane Designs