Lorna Syson Hummingbird Mint Small Plant Pot

Lorna Syson Hummingbird Mint Small Plant Pot


Our waterproof fabric plant and storage pots are a great way to bring some colour into your homes. Either in the kitchen filled with scented herbs or along the window sill with Christmassy indoor plants.


Also great for pen pots, storage pots and making your workspace tidy!


Why not use as a present pot, filled with small gifts or sweet treats under the tree for Christmas morning?


The fabric is digitally printed on 100% cotton twill and handmade into plant pots in Norfolk.


Water resistant PU canvas lining makes it a perfect plant pot cover. We recommend removing the plant when watering to let any excess water drain away before replacing. You can also keep a small dish in the bottom of the pot to collect the excess water.


Small 13cm diameter and 14cm high

Not suitable for outdoor use.